Thank you for visiting! Introduction to Assist

Thank you for visiting and viewing this site! This site introduces recommended electric assisted bicycles, explains how to voluntarily return your license, explains the benefits, and provides related information.

The information, benefits, and recommended information for the child-rearing generation and the elderly will be updated, so please take a look!

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About electric assist bicycle

On this site, we will mainly provide recommended products and how to use them, and useful information about them.

Electric assist bicycles have been improved by manufacturers and now exist in a wide range from those with high design to high performance. We will explain a wide range of items such as product descriptions and advantageous purchase methods.

Regarding voluntary return of Japanese driver’s license

In recent years, accidents caused by elderly people’s driving mistakes have been occurring frequently in Japan.

On this site, we will provide basic knowledge and methods for voluntary return of Japanese driver’s license and related privilege information.

In addition, although the title is described as “Driver’s license on voluntary return”, it does not strongly encourage return of driver’s license. Returning your driver’s license may make your life difficult or harm your health, depending on the circumstances of your place of residence.

Therefore, we would like to focus on those who have voluntarily repaid their driver’s license or those who plan to do so.

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This site is translated into English for foreign visitors to Japan

This site has also prepared articles translated into English for foreign visitors to Japan. Not all articles are translated into English. It mainly translates and introduces recommended sightseeing spots that you want to go by bicycle, such as electric assist bicycles, Japanese bicycle sharing services, and sports motorcycles.

In addition, some parts of the Japanese and English versions of the article have been changed or cut down to more accurately convey the contents.

Regardless of the season, foreign visitors to Japan are increasing year by year. I hope this site will be useful for foreigners visiting Japan for sightseeing purposes.

Introducing various types of electric assist bicycles

There are many introductions of electric assist bicycle products, but we plan to broaden our perspectives to other recommended sports bikes and safe, secure and cute bicycles for children.

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Recently I started muscle training, but soon become sore always.

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