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Bicycle rentals recommended for sightseeing in Shiga including Lake Biwa


Shiga Prefecture in Japan, famous as a tourist destination for its Lake Biwa area and Hikone City, also offers a full range of bicycle rental services.

Especially in the Lake Biwa area, there are rental bicycle service for advanced riders, such as a long ride plan that allows you to ride around the entire lake.

So, in the following points, we will introduce some recommended rental bicycles available in Lake Biwa and Hikone City in Shiga Prefecture!

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  • Recommended bicycle rental around Lake Biwa
  • Recommended Bicycle Rentals around Hikone

If you are planning a sightseeing trip to Shiga Prefecture, please take a look at this opportunity.

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Recommended rental bicycles around Lake Biwa


First, we would like to introduce you to a rental bicycle service that has a store in the Lake Biwa area of Shiga Prefecture.

In addition to those who rent for short-distance sightseeing purposes, many bicycle sightseeing and cycling enthusiasts rent for the purpose of a long-ride around Lake Biwa.

In addition, although it varies by service, there are a variety of bicycles available for rent, including cross bikes and electrically power assisted bicycles, which are often used by families on a casual basis.

These recommended bicycle rentals in the vicinity of Lake Biwa are as follows.

  • Biwako Takashima Rental Cycle

The above two bike rentals will be explained.


BIWAICHI RENTAL CYCLE is a highly convenient bicycle rental service with a bike station located inside JR Maibara Station.

Three types of bikes are available for rent: cross bikes and road bikes for long distances, and sports bikes for kids.

For this reason, many users cycle long distances, such as around Lake Biwa.

The service is available in a wide range of sizes, with the adaptable height of bicycles ranging from 145 cm to 190 cm for cross bikes and road bikes, making it suitable for serious riders as well as cross bike beginners.

If you are interested in long-distance cycling and have not ridden a bicycle for quite some time, we recommend that you train lightly beforehand.

This is a great bike rental option for those who want to try a round-the-lake trip around Lake Biwa along with sightseeing in Shiga Prefecture!

Fees and store information

Rental fee Weekdays: 3,800 yen〜 per business day
(※Varies depending on bicycle model)
Bicycle Model Cross bikes, road bikes, sport bikes for kids
business hours 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
business holiday non-scheduled holiday・Closed during winter (mid-December to mid-February)
office 1F, East Exit, JR Maibara Station

Helmets and bottle cages are standard

Cross and road bikes available for rent at BIWAICHI RENTAL CYCLE come standard with bottle cages and cycle computers.

Helmets, a necessary accessory for road and cross bikes, are also included in the basic fee, allowing even beginners to ride safely.

For other details about BIWAICHI RENTAL CYCLE, please visit the official website below!

BIWAICHI RENTAL CYCLE official website

Biwako Takashima Rental Cycle

This bike rental service is operated by the Biwako Takashima Tourist Association in the nature-rich city of Takashima, Shiga Prefecture.

There are two types of bicycle rental services: In-Town Rental Service and One-Way Rental Service.

The One-Way Rental Service is very convenient because it allows you to return your rental bicycle to a different information center than the rental counter.

Please note, however, that opening hours vary depending on the information center.

There are three types of bicycles available for rent: regular bicycles, cross bikes, and E-BIKE.

Takashima City has various scenic spots such as Shirahige Shrine, which is famous as a power spot, and rows of metasequoia trees, making it a must-see destination when traveling to Shiga Prefecture.

Fees and store information

Rental fee General bicycles : 500yen / a day
cross bikes : 1,000yen / a day
General bicycles : 2,000yen / a day
Bicycle Model General bicycles・cross bikes・E-BIKE
business hours 9:00-13:00 (Omi Imazu Station, Azumigawa Station, Omi Takashima Station)
9:00-17:00 (Makino Station, Shin Asahi)
office Omi Imazu Station, Azumigawa Station, Omi Takashima Station, Makino Station, Shin Asahi

For more information about rental rates and Biwako Takashima Rental Cycle, please refer to the official Takashima Sightseeing Guide page below!

Biwako Takashima Rental Cycle

Recommended Bicycle Rentals around Hikone


Hikone City, famous for Hikone Castle and the Hikonyan character, offers a bicycle rental service for sightseeing around Hikone Castle.

One of the recommended services is the Megurinko bicycle rental service.

Megurinko’s bike rental service does not require reservations, making it ideal for those who want to change their plans on the day and stretch their legs a bit.

“Megurinko” available in Koto area

Hikone City’s “Megurinko” bike rental service is available only in the Koto area, including Hikone City, Aisho Town, Toyosato Town, and Taga Town.

In addition to sports bicycles, electric assist bicycles can also be rented, making it possible to accommodate people of all ages.

In addition, sports bicycles can be rented for the reasonable price of 600 yen per day.

Reservations are not required, making this bike rental service ideal for those who want to explore the Koto area, including Hikone City and Taga Town, at their leisure.

Fees and store information

Rental fee sport bicycle : 600yen / a day
Electric assist bicycle : 800yen / a day
Bicycle Model Electric assist bicycles and sport bicycles
business hours Varies depending on the sales office (rental/return location)
office Hikone Station Bicycle Station
Hikone Castle Kyobashi Exit Cycle Station
Aichikawa Station Community House Lubulu Aichikawa, etc.

Megurinko`s bicycle rental also organizes cycling tours for local sightseeing, and you can check the official website for information on the best cycling courses to visit the sights.

If you are planning to visit Hikone area on a sightseeing trip to Shiga Prefecture, please take this opportunity to stop by.

For more information on Megurinko bicycle rentals, please see below.

Megurinko official website

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Summary of this article

That’s all I have to say about the recommended bike rentals in Shiga Prefecture!

In addition to the bicycle rentals introduced here, there are many other bicycle rental services in Shiga Prefecture.

We invite all cycling enthusiasts and those who do not normally ride bicycles to stop by when sightseeing at Lake Biwa, Hikone Castle, and other locations in Shiga Prefecture.

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In private life, I gave my long-time favorite mountain bike to a friend, and now I use a cross bicycle.

Recently I started muscle training, but soon become sore always.

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