Brief introduction to the content and policies of this blog and a profile of the blog’s operator

Hello everyone! I am WATARU, the operator of this site. Thank you for visiting my site!

This website provides cycle information, focusing on electrically power assisted bicycles, for people of all ages, from students to the elderly.

This page will briefly introduce the basic content of our blog and a brief profile of the operator.

Basic Policy for Writing Articles

We provide information on electric bicycles and other bicycles on this website, but our basic premise is that the articles should be safe and useful in the personal lives of our readers.

In these days of false and inaccurate information, it is essential to maintain the freshness of articles.

Our basic policy is to provide our readers with information that is more accurate, safer, and easier to understand.

For this reason, we are committed to checking and revising articles before submission as well as updating them regularly after submission.

Regarding electrically power assisted bicycles

This blog focuses on useful information about electrically power assisted bicycles.

Electric bicycles are expensive and the batteries seem to run out quickly even after charging. I think there are a lot of people who think so.

Until a decade ago, such opinions were particularly prominent.

Recently, however, manufacturers have made repeated improvements to electrically power assisted bicycles, and there are now not only child-carrying models but also sports-type bicycles available.

The site introduces not only general models, but also various types of e-bikes, including those for the elderly and e-bikes, as well as carefully selected rental services related to them.

Sports Cycle for Beginners

This site also provides information on road bikes, MTBs, and other sports cycles.

Want to try road biking… This program is mainly for beginners, such as.

We provide basic information necessary before purchasing a road or cross bike, including technical terms such as parts that you would not normally hear.

If you are interested in road bikes or other sports bicycles, please refer to this page.

English articles for foreign visitors to Japan

This blog also has articles translated into English for foreigners visiting Japan.

Not all articles are translated into English.

We mainly translate articles introducing domestic services and sightseeing by renting bicycles.

In addition, some content and nuances have been changed to ensure accuracy.

Regardless of the season, the number of foreign visitors to Japan is increasing every year.

We hope this will be of some help to foreigners visiting Japan as tourists.

About my career to date

Born in Kyoto Prefecture. I entered Hokkaido University of Education and once considered a career as a teacher, but gave up halfway through.

After that, I looked for a job, focusing on advertising agencies. I found a job at a local design firm.

Two years later, I left the design firm and rejoined another advertising agency, but left after one year for various reasons.

Later, I learned the basics of web production because I wanted to absorb other skills.

I work part-time and use cloud services and other services to sharpen my skills.

I then decided to do only freelance work, which I have been doing ever since.

Current Job Description

Business cards, flyers, POP, pamphlets, signboards, store card design services

Website production (design and coding)

Creation and construction in WordPress.

Major customers include cram schools, restaurants, real estate (remodeling, etc.), beauty (cosmetics, facial equipment, etc.), bicycle retailers, and many other industries.

And, I have been doing business with bicycle dealers for more than 10 years.

Main software and skills used

・Adobe Illustrator

・Adobe Photoshop


Major failures at work

・I’ve never had an accident with my own car and I’ve never scratched it, and yet I cause minor damage to my boss’s car.

・I was offered a meal at a client’s restaurant, but later he got sick to his stomach and retreated to the restroom.

・When I sent the location information of a meeting to a customer, the URL link was to a world map.

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Age. 38from. KYOTO

Freelance advertising designer. After graduating from university, I got a jpb at a design office and worked on the production of advertising materials. After working for about two years, I quit the company and are working as a freelance.