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Recommended bicycle rentals in Awaji Island and Tamba Sasayama


Hyogo Prefecture, located in the western part of Japan’s Kansai region, has many tourist attractions such as hot spring resorts and the city of Kobe.

In addition, there is a wide range of rental and shared bicycles available on Awaji Island, and in Kobe City.

In this issue, we will introduce the recommended cycle services for bicycle sightseeing in Awaji Island and Kobe City at the following points!

Content of this article

  • Convenient bike rentals on Awaji Island
  • Bicycle rental in Tamba Sasayama
  • Share Cycle for Kobe City Sightseeing

If you are planning to travel to Awaji Island, Tanba Sasayama, or other areas in the Kansai region, please take a look at this opportunity.

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Recommended Bicycle Rentals on Awaji Island


Awaji Island is famous for its hot springs, such as Sumoto Onsen and Uzushio Onsen, but many people also use the island for touring and cycling.

There is even a cycling project on Awaji Island called “Awaichi,” in which cyclists circle around the island on sports bicycles, just like “Biwaichi,” a road bicycle tour around Lake Biwa in Shiga Prefecture.

The following are recommended bicycle rental service available on Awaji Island.

  • TOMOVIS`s rental cycle
  • Bicycle Hub Awaji
  • Cyclism AWAJI

Now, let us explain about the above-mentioned bicycle rentals.

TOMOVIS`s rental cycle

TOMOVIS`s rental cycle is a rental cycle service operated by Awaji Honda Sales Co.

By ferry, it takes about 20 minutes from JR Akashi Station, and by car, it takes about 5 minutes from the Awaji Interchange, making access from the Osaka and Kobe areas excellent.

There is a considerable variety of models available for rent, including electric assist bicycles, sports bicycles, and even hybrid bikes.

However, bicycle and hybrid bike rentals are available by reservation only and must be reserved at least two days in advance if you wish to use them.

Prices and office

Rental fee From 1,100 yen / day
(※Varies depending on bicycle model)
Bicycle Model General bicycles, electrically assisted bicycles, cross bikes, hybrid bikes
business hours 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
business holiday December 26 – January 4
office 925-21 Iwaya, Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture

Features of this bicycle rental

TOMOVIS`s rental cycle offers a wide variety of bicycles, from standard bicycles to electrically power assisted bicycles, and one of the most unique features of Tomochari is the availability of electrically power assisted cross bikes for rent.

If you’ve ever wanted to ride an E-BIKE type cross bike, you’ve got one to try!

Also available for rent are electric assist bicycles with a low-floor frame design called “Rakutto” by popular manufacturer Bridgestone, so even those who are not accustomed to riding bicycles can use them with ease.

For other information on usage and details, please refer to the official website below.

TOMOVIS`s rental cycle

Bicycle Hub Awaji

Bicycle Hub Awaji is a bike rental service specializing in authentic sports bicycles.

As a specialized sports bike shop, the bicycles available for rent are mainly road bikes and minivelos (small bicycles).

In addition, to road bikes, E-BIKE (Yamaha’s YPJ) can also be rented, making it a highly recommended rental bicycle for those who go cycling as a hobby or who like to ride bicycles.

Prices and office

Rental fee From 4,100 yen / day
(※Varies depending on bicycle model)
Bicycle Model Road bike, E-bike, mini-velo
business hours ■ 8:30-18:00 (March to mid-November)
■ 8:30-17:00 (late November-February)
office 657 Ura, Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture

For more information on rental fees and how to use Bicycle Hub Awaji, please refer to the official website below.

Bicycle Hub Awaji official website

Cyclism AWAJI

Cyclism AWAJI is a bicycle rental service that offers the world-famous “TREK” brand of sports bicycles.

Therefore, as with Bicycle Hub Awaji, the main types of bikes available for rent are road bikes, but the company also offers kids’ bikes that can be used by children as young as elementary school age.

In addition,before the start of bicycle rental, they offer a free 10-minute riding lesson on road bikes and cross bikes, so beginners can use the bicycles with ease.

Prices and office

Rental fee From 4,000 yen / day
(※Varies depending on bicycle model)
Bicycle Model Road bike, cross bike, e-bike, MTB, kids bike
business hours ■ 8:00-18:00 (weekdays)
■ 7:30-18:00 (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)
business holiday non-scheduled holiday
office Ura 648, Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture
Inside Higashiura Bus Terminal

Accessories available for rent

Cyclism AWAJI rental bicycles come standard with headlights and helmets, as well as drink holders and flat tire repair sets, which are essential for sports bicycles.

In addition, upon request, smartphone holders and mobile batteries can be rented free of charge so that you can enjoy a real cycling experience on a road bike.

For more information on how to use Cyclism AWAJI’s rental bicycles and rental fees, please visit the official website below.

Cyclism AWAJI official website

Bicycle rental in Tamba Sasayama


Tambasasayama City is located in the central-eastern part of Hyogo Prefecture. The recent change of the city name from “Sasayama City” to “Tambasasayama City” has attracted a lot of attention, and the city is becoming a popular tourist destination.

Located in the central-eastern part of Hyogo Prefecture (closer to Kyoto), it takes a little time to get there from Osaka or Kobe, but there are many tourist attractions!

The combination of the rich natural environment with clean air and the nostalgic retro landscape is impressive and evokes a sense of nostalgia.

In Tamba Sasayama, there are rental bicycles available at the tourist information center in front of the station and other locations.

Bicycle rental at tourist information centers

In Tamba Sasayama City, rental bicycles are available at the Sasayama Tourist Information Center and the east exit of Sasayamaguchi Station.

There are two types of bicycles available for rent: small tire bicycles and electric assist bicycles, and children’s size bicycles are not available for rent.

This service does not accept reservations for rentals, so you must apply on the day of use.

Prices and Bicycle Model

Rental fee General bicycles 600 yen/day
Electric assist bicycles 800 yen / day
Bicycle Model Electric bicycles and small-diameter type bicycles
business hours 9:00-17:00

For other details, please refer to the “Bicycle Rental” page on the official Tamba Sasayama City Tourism website below.

Tamba Sasayama City Official Tourism Site

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Convenient shared bicycles in Kobe City


Kobe City, with its numerous tourist attractions such as Meriken Park and Harbor Land, offers a wide range of shared bicycle services instead of rental bicycles.

In Kobe City, where there are many sightseeing spots and it is not possible to see everything on foot alone, shared bicycles are recommended.

The following two bicycle sharing services are available in Kobe City.

  • Docomo’s bike sharing service

Please refer to the following article for more information on how to use this shared cycle service and its fees.

Summary of this article

In this article, we have introduced recommended bicycle rentals and sightseeing spots in Hyogo Prefecture.

The services and attractions introduced this time are just a few.

Hyogo Prefecture is still packed with many attractive tourist attractions and elements.

If you are planning to travel to Awaji Island, Kobe, or other areas in the Kansai region, I hope you will take this opportunity to refer to it as one of your sightseeing plans.

Have a great day!

Author of this article


I am a freelance advertising designer who has been working with local bike dealers for over 8 years.

In private life, I gave my long-time favorite mountain bike to a friend, and now I use a cross bicycle.

Recently I started muscle training, but soon become sore always.

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