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Recommended shared bicycles and sightseeing courses in Osaka


Osaka is famous for Osaka Castle, Abeno Harukas, and the downtown areas of Umeda and Namba. I recommend using shared bicycles or renting bicycles for sightseeing.

Especially, there are many dedicated ports for shared bicycles in the city, making it a great place for sightseeing!

Therefore, I will explain recommended shared bicycles and rental bicycles convenient for sightseeing in Osaka in the following points!

Content of this article

  • Is Osaka mainly for shared bicycles?
  • Recommended Bicycle Share and Bicycle Rental
  • Standard Osaka Sightseeing Spots

In the second half of the article, we will also introduce a few classic Osaka sightseeing spots!

If you are planning a trip to Osaka in the future, or even if you have visited Osaka several times as a tourist, please take a look!

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Is Osaka mainly for shared bicycles?


In Osaka, the shared cycle service, which allows users to freely ride and drop off bicycles, is more extensive than the rental cycle service, although it varies by region.

Especially in Osaka City and its vicinity, there are many dedicated bicycle sharing ports, depending on the service.

Another point is that many roads in the vicinity of Osaka City are relatively flat, making it easy to get around by bicycle.

If you are thinking of exploring Osaka Castle, along the Yodogawa River, downtown, or just relaxing and exploring Osaka city, a bicycle sharing service is recommended.

Recommended Bicycle Share and Bicycle Rental

In addition to Tokyo, Osaka has also seen an increase in the number of bicycle sharing service parking ports over the past few years.

Some services offer low-cost rentals of electrically power assisted bicycles, so even those who are not confident in their physical strength can easily use them.

The following are recommended shared or rented bicycles in Osaka.

  • HUBchari
  • Sakai Sightseeing Rental Bicycles

The basics of shared bicycles, including the differences between bike sharing services and bike rental, are summarize in the following article.

HUBchari for sightseeing in Osaka City

HUBchari is a bicycle sharing service operated by Homedoor and can be used mutually with Docomo Bike Share.

Approximately 300 dedicated bicycle parking spaces have been set up in Osaka City and nearby areas where bicycles can be rented and returned.

This service is recommended for sightseeing at Osaka Castle, Tsutenkaku Tower, and other classic spots.

In addition, either electric assist bicycles or general bicycles are available, but note that the types of bicycles that can be rented vary depending on the payment method.

Areas covered, fees, etc

Area All areas of Osaka City (excluding some areas), some areas of Higashi-Osaka City, etc.
Usage fee 150 yen for the first 30 minutes
(For one-time use)
Business hours 24 hours
(※Excluding some bicycle parking lots)
Model Electric assist bicycles and general bicycles
Payment Method credit card / paying cash

Flow of using HUBchari

HUBchari allows you to rent a bicycle easily by registering your area of use, membership information, and credit card information after installing the dedicated application.

ドコモ・バイクシェア - バイクシェアサービス

ドコモ・バイクシェア – バイクシェアサービス

株式会社ドコモ・バイクシェア無料posted withアプリーチ

Case of cash payment requires a little more work, such as preparing identification and filling out a registration form.

Therefore, it is better to register as a member with a smartphone application for smooth use. In addition, electric assist bicycles can be rented, which is recommended.

Below is a rough method to membership registration.

  1. Download App by official website
  2. Register My Area(Select “Osaka City HUBchari”)
  3. Register your membership information
  4. Register your credit card information

Below is the general flow of actually using a bicycle after completing membership registration.

  1. Select Bicycle Parking and Bicycle
  2. Go to the bicycle parking lot and start renting
  3. Return bicycles to the bicycle parking lot after use.

For other detailed information on how to use HUBchari and the cycle port map, please refer to the official website below.

HUBchari official website


HELLO CYCLING is a bicycle sharing service operated by the Softbank Group.

HELLO CYCLING serves not only Osaka City and its vicinity, but also Sakai City, Toyonaka City, and Suita City where Expo Park is located.

In addition, the bicycles available for rent are electrically power assisted bicycles, so even those who are not confident in their physical strength can easily use them.

This shared bicycle service is recommended for those who wish to tour not only the sights of Osaka City but also the World Heritage Site of the Nintoku Emperor’s Tomb in Sakai City.

Areas covered, fees, etc

Area All areas of Osaka City (excluding some areas), Sakai City, Higashiosaka City, Ikeda City, Toyonaka City, Suita City, etc.
Usage fee 70 yen for the first 15 minutes
business hours 24 hours
(※Excluding some bicycle parking lots)
Model Electric assist bicycles
Payment Method credit card

For other detailed information on HELLO CYCLING and the cycle port map, please visit the official website below.

HELLO CYCLING official website

Bicycle rental recommended for sightseeing in Sakai

In Matsubara City and Sakai City, which are far from downtown Osaka, rental bicycles operated by the Sakai Tourism & Convention Bureau Public, are available.

Electric assist bicycles can be rented for 1,000 yen (* 500 yen for regular bicycles), and can be used to tour around the Mozu and Furuichi Kofun area in Sakai City.

Although the riding range is narrower than that of shared bicycles service, this service is recommended for history buffs and those who wish to tour cultural heritage sites.

Prices and office

Office ■ Sakai Station Tourist Information Center
■ Daisen Park Tourist Information Center
Rental fee ■ Electric assist bicycle : 1,000 yen
■ General bicycle : 500 yen
business hours Varies depending on the information center
bicycles model General bicycle and Electric assist bicycle

For other detailed information and application procedures, please visit the official website below.

Sakai Tourism & Convention Bureau Public

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Recommended Osaka Sightseeing Spots to Visit by Bicycle

Here is a brief introduction of recommended sightseeing spots in Osaka that can be easily visited by shared bicycles.

In Osaka City, many streets are laid out in a grid pattern similar to that of urban streets in Kyoto, and many roads are flat and gentle with few ups and downs, making it easy to enjoy sightseeing by bicycle.

The following are recommended courses and spots for such bicycle sightseeing in Osaka.

  • Shinsekai~Kuromon Market
  • Osaka Castle, Tomb of Emperor Nintoku
  • Shinsaibashi – Umeda Sky Building

Please note that some routes and locations have areas where bicycles are not allowed to ride or enter.

Osaka’s classic spots! Shinsekai, Kuromon Market


Shinsekai and Kuromon Market are two very famous tourist spots that even people who have not been to Osaka very often know.

Shinsekai, with its unique Showa-era atmosphere, is one of the most popular tourist spots in Osaka, where you can enjoy reasonably priced gourmet foods such as kushikatsu (skewered pork cutlets) and spots where you can play little mini games.

Kuromon Market is also famous as Osaka’s historic food kitchen, and is another famous spot where you can enjoy fresh and delicious gourmet food at reasonable prices.

This is a recommended Osaka sightseeing route for those who like to eat and walk on their travels.

Osaka Castle and Sakai City Tumulus


Osaka Castle is one of the most popular tourist attractions each year, with places where visitors can go inside the structure.

The Mozu tumulus cluster in Sakai City, famous for being registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site, is also a popular tourist spot, with a cycling tour that offers a view of the surrounding area.

However, there are some areas, such as Osaka Castle, where riding or entering by bicycle is prohibited, so please be careful when using shared bicycles or other means.

This is a classic sightseeing course for those who want to enjoy history and cultural heritage.

Namba and Umeda if you are looking for a bustling town.


The busiest area in Osaka City is Umeda and Namba.

The main street of Osaka, called “Midosuji,” stretching from north to south, connects Umeda to Namba and then to Tennoji. You can also visit the Sky Building in Umeda and, if you have time, Abeno Harukas in Tennoji.

There are many dedicated bicycle parking lots such as HUBchari in the Umeda and Tennoji area, so this is a sightseeing route that can be easily explored with electric assist bicycles without any difficulty.

Recommended for those who want to explore not only retro spots such as Tsutenkaku Tower, but also quirky and fashionable streets.

Summary of this article

In this issue I have introduced our recommended bicycle sharing service and sightseeing course for sightseeing in Osaka!

In addition to the tourist attractions introduced here, there are many other deep spots in Osaka that cannot be introduced in travel-related websites and magazines.

Such a stroll is possible only with bicycle sightseeing.

If this is your first sightseeing trip to Osaka, or even if you have traveled to Osaka several times, please take this opportunity to try using shared bicycles or rented bicycles.

Author of this article


I am a freelance advertising designer who has been working with local bike dealers for over 8 years.

In private life, I gave my long-time favorite mountain bike to a friend, and now I use a cross bicycle.

Recently I started muscle training, but soon become sore always.

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